Oppo announced the ColorOS 5.2.1 that brings Hyper Boost

The last week Oppo smartphone performance will improve Hyper Boost Technology announced a software called. Hyper Boost System Games and App’s performance improved. Hyper Boost Technology will receive the first Oppo smartphone would go on Oppo R17 and R17 Pro. To date, the Oppo ColorOS 5.2.1 Update to add Hyper Boost Technology Update Oppo smartphone 17 was declared to be.

The above is the color mobile phone model and push time that ColorOS official Weibo can get. We can see that OPPO Find X will be the first to get the update of ColorOS 5.2.1. The core function is naturally HyperBoost technology.

Oppo in this month’s advanced smartphone Find X Hyper Boost updates as they become available. Hyper Boost Technology Update in November, will acquire a smartphone would go on R11, R11 Plus, R11s, R11s Plus, The A83, and A1. Many say R9s, smartphones will gain in December R17, R15, R15 Dream Mirror Edition, A5, A79, A73. 2019 January 0 my Oppo R9s Plus, A77, A3 for broadcast.

Phones with Oppo’s Hyer Boost Technology Huawei Honor contains GPU Turbo system. Hyper Boost Technology Enable App will give us support to enable faster 31.9 percent. Oppo game for high-performance, Tencent, Netease, Unreal, Unity of the top companies 0 Other game companies in the top 100 games have been able to open them quickly.

Oppo Hyper Boost Added AI system is being updated in order to improve performance.

According to OPPO officials, this newly developed Hyper Boost technology has three levels of optimization effects: system engine, game engine, and application engine! First, the system engine targets more than 20 software scenarios, more than 20 software behaviors, and provides more than 50 optimization scenarios, fully applying the underlying hardware resources to ensure users can enjoy smoother and more stable use in most common scenarios. Experience. In addition, the game engine does not need to say more, its main purpose is to optimize the user’s gaming experience, so that users can enjoy and enter the play.


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