Nuclear Strike – Thoughts on Survival!

Nuclear Strike

Things between India and Pakistan seem to be under heat and the two countries might have a small war as predicted y some of the analysts. However, the current situation is also a bit disturbed and India seems to be much in action and Pakistan is also all set to retaliate any required defense measures to be taken.

However, when it comes to coping with such war zones the most important thing to look after in this case is to take precautionary measures to secure you. Since the two countries have nuclear power they could make the use if required and surviving a nuclear strike is not a piece of cake. There is a very little chance to survive a nuclear strike if a person is closer to the strike area and therefore one need to take relevant measures.

The nuclear weapons and quantity of nuclear atoms used to attack may vary and say for a 15 kiloton of a nuclear hit there is a chance of serious damage within the area surrounding for about 10 kilometers. The chances of survival are very less and damage is very high for anyone who is in the surrounding of 10 kilometers and therefore relevant measures must be taken.

If a person is aware that the attack maybe made in their area they must in the first place move out and look for a faraway place, however, when a person is not aware then when on ground the red spot of the nuclear strike could be seen but an immediate action of moving away is required which is very risky and hasty.

Even if a person manages to leave the targeted area the effects may last for a pretty longer period of time say for 15 days and these effects left after the strike have a negative impact for people at large.

The tactics to deal with this situation between the two countries must be used in a diplomatic manner since nobody wants war as it could be damaging for both the countries, however relevant measures must be taken by people out there.


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