Norway Ready to Mediate on Kashmir Issue only If Pakistan and India are Willing


Kashmir Issue is an old but still a very hot issue between Pakistan and India and despite of numerous attempts to try to resolve everyone has failed to date. However, as per the recent reports the country Norway is willing to mediate and sit to talk to resolve this issue between the two countries.

However, as per the Prime Minister of Norway Solberg stated that she may intervene to resolve this issue between the two countries but the main thing is the willingness of the two countries to come on board and talk about the matter. Nobody could help resolving this matter between the two countries if they are not willing to resolve. Solberg also said that she will also mediate on behalf of Norway to resolve only of the two countries will be ready to do so or else there seems no point.

The point of view of Norway government is that this matter needs no consideration from the end of military and may be resolved by consensus. However, in this case the former Prime Minister of Norway, Bondevik also had the same thought that the two countries must come together and discuss the matter, the middle man will only mediate if they are willing enough to come on board.

They also added that the conditions of the economy overall is declining and there is no room for adding hatred among one another and everyone one should work together with unity to bring money and economic stability to each country.


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