Nadia Hussain’s Viral Picture with a Chained Lion – What Nadia has to Say?

Nadia Hussain’s Viral Picture with a Chained Lion

Nadia Hussain is a big name in the media that has been known as a great celebrity for her modeling skills and now in the field of beauty. Recently Nadia posted a picture of her entire family with a chained lion on her Instagram.

The fans of this lady loved the picture but when there are fans there are critics as well and the celebrity was criticized for posting a picture with a chained lion.

Some people called it dangerous, some people thought it was inhuman and for some people Nadia was actually promoting animal abuse. Well, now all this was going on for some time but Nadia didn’t let it grow for a longer period and responded to the comments very well.

Nadia Hussain said that she is someone who has an insane love for animals and she even teaches the same to her children, however, as far as this lion was concerned she explained that she will soon be bringing the lion in an interview so that people may get to know about this baby of Nadia Hussain.


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