Misinterpretation or Controversy Shahid Afridi Clarifying on Social Media

Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi in a press conference made some statements and conducted some discussions based on the issue of Kashmir and a new controversy started to take place as soon as the Indian media reported the given statement by Shahid Afridi. However, Shahid Afridi has made the use of social media at its best to clarify what his point of view actually was and how it was misconstrued.

I say Pakistan doesn’t want Kashmir. Don’t give it to India either. Let Kashmir be independent. At least humanity will be alive. Let people not die. Pakistan doesn’t want Kashmir. It can’t even manage its four provinces. The big thing is insaaniyat (humanity). People who are dying there, it is painful. Any death, be it from any community, is painful.

Source: Hindustan Times

This statement on the part of Shahid Afridi and that too over such a sensitive matter of Kashmir is for sure something very serious because Kashmir issue has always been a matter of dispute between India and Pakistan and this statement made by him may add fuel to the fire.

However, in order to clarify his perspective Shahid Afridi made the most of social media and tried his best to clarify his actual opinion over Twitter and other social platforms.

In the tweet, Shahid Afridi tried to clear his point of view and explained the people that the statement quoted is not complete and has been twisted to give a wrong picture.

Shahid Afridi in his clarification tweeted that his statements are misconstrued by Indian media and he only stated that Kashmir deserves freedom and the dispute must be resolved under the United Nations authority for a better conclusion on the part of Kashmir. He also on his twitter stated that he loves Pakistan and it is his country and whatever he said earlier was not being covered and showed and a picture of his statement was featured in a negative way by the Indian media.

On another instance he tweeted:

His clarification yet again stating to involve UN and resolve the dispute and he said he has always been a patriot to his country and will always be.

Different people have different thoughts and views on their minds, some are in the favor of what he said and some aren’t, he we may witness a single thread that has two different thoughts, one is defending Shahid Afridi and one is against his statements.

Some people also think that he was not supposed to poke his nose in this matter and should have kept himself stuck to the extent of the cricket only because this way he has invited a new controversy.

The statement made by him and shown by Indian media are two different things but the judgments on the part of public are also worth consideration.


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