Mishap at Islamabad Airport as Aircraft Collides with Passenger Stair Car

On Thursday, a PIA aircraft hit a passenger stair car as it was about to take off for Karachi from Islamabad. Flight number PK-373 suffered from a mishap and damaged its wing as it hit a stair car standing in the airport apron. The collision delayed the flight as the damaged wing had to be repaired. The passengers of this flight had to endure a long delay as they spent their time in the passenger lounge.

This is not the first time that mishaps have taken place because of inefficiency of the management and the staff of PIA. In November, in a horrific incident, an aircraft had skidded off the runway at Panjgur airport. Luckily, everyone including passengers remained safe.

In another incident, the tire of a plane burst while it was landing. This happened to flight PK-517 when it was flying from Karachi to Panjgur.  The pilot of this flight showed courage and skills to bring the aircraft to a stop near the runway. Passengers of this flight had to disembark from the plane using emergency stairway. Someone shot this video and it quickly became viral on social media.

People of Pakistan have become frustrated with the inefficiency of PIA as such events continue to take place frequently. 5 years ago, a plane had to land in Quetta in an emergency when its tires got burst when trying to land on the runway. Fortunately, all the passengers onboard this aircraft escaped unhurt.

There was another video that went viral on social media.


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