Mika Singh Arrested in Dubai Under the Charges of Sexual Harassment!

Mika Singh

Mika Singh is a renowned singer of Bollywood who was in Dubai to perform at an awards ceremony; however the news of him being arrested started to flow in the markets. It was heard, that he has been arrested on account of sexual harassment.

Mika Singh has been arrested on the grounds of sexual harassment when a Brazilian teenage girl complained against him for sending her obscene messages over Whatsapp followed by a message of promise made to make her get job in Bollywood.

Reportedly, the girl lodged a complaint against him and the singer was arrested and taken to Abu Dhabi police station and is jailed. The police took him from a bar at Dubai at night around 3 A.M. The Indian consulate in Dubai seems to be showing no response over this news and stated that there is no contact from the Dubai Police as yet and therefore they believe that he is in Dubai.

However, Mika Singh has been posting his pictures with Akon on Instagram and is also all set to perform at the awards ceremony as depicted from his social media responses. What goes in reality is something nobody is yet sure about!


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