Long Awaited Questions Answered – Love Actually!

Love Actually

Love actually is a movie which has been one of the finest ones of its times and has gathered a great fan following. However, when we talk about the numerous questions which may be called as mysterious ones people are actually inclined about knowing the real secrets behind.

From the past 15 years the secrets were mere secrets but now it’s the time to reveal them. Emma Freud the script editor of this movie has finally came on board and speaks about the mysteries people might have in their minds. A few of those questions as a sneak peek may be as follows:

  1. Was it Annie who actually behind pushing David and Natalie together or she just played a cupid regarding the PM cards in which Natalie confessed her love?

Ans.  She confessed that out of the 20 cards one being a love letter may be someone’s cupid rather than just a mere random sample.

  1. What proves that Daniel was interested in Karen? As he once called Carol as Karen!

Ans. It was a coincidence actually since there seemed to be no romantic sides observed between them while the breakfast scene took place.

  1. Is the speculation of Mia being a devilish character in the movie a truth?

Ans. Well, no! It’s just that she is a bad girl in the storyline but that never makes her the devilish character in any way.

  1. Juliet answered the door when Mark knocked with the romantic cue cards, what if Peter has answered the door?

Ans. In that case Peter must have given the CD player to Mark and has hidden the cards behind his back.

  1. Why didn’t Prime Minister considered to have a look at Natalie’s letter for address rather than knocking every other door to find her?

Ans. Well, that’s an interesting question but may be his ability to do things for himself must have diminished so much that this couldn’t click him, since he always has people around him to do his jobs.

  1. Which of the scene in the movie you consider to be a special one for you?

Ans.  The one when Emma cries in her room while listening to John Mitchell CD.

  1. Which scenes of the film do you think make you feel sad about?

Ans. I tried to cut many scenes in the script but still there are some which make me feel painful, one of them was when Collin was being seen through the window of an American girl.

  1. If Love actually would have to come up in 2018, whom would you cast?

Ans. Well, Emma would be there as she was and followed by her would be Asim Chaudhry and Saoirse Ronan or Lily James casted as Colin and Keira Knightley respectively.


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