Little Hadia Stealing the Hearts Through “Bol Hu”

The talent in Pakistan has no limits and among the different talents that prevail in the country the newly emerging name which has been stealing the hearts of the people out there with her seamless singing skills is none other than Hadia.

This little girl is just 8 years old and studies in 5th grade, she is the daughter of a tailor and has no background associated with the field of music yet she has gifted talent within herself.

Hadia wanted to sing from a very young age and got a chance to learn singing and that too free of cost by her teacher named as Zia.

Zia ul Haq has been teaching music to many children free of cost and is doing a great job. The voice and talent of Hadia is commendable and the moment Xulfi, singer and songwriter of Pakistan saw the talent in Hadia he took her to Nescafe Basement for auditions and yes this girl made a rocking entry.

Her song “Bol Hu” which she is singing side by side with Soch – The Band is rocking these days and is being appreciated by the entire nation and that is commendable for this little princess.


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