Little Angel Died Due To VIP Protocol Of CM Punjab – NayaPakistan

In Mian Channu, one year old girl got died because she didn’t receive treatment on time as all doctors were busy in giving protocol to CM Punjab.

Her Mother gave interview that no one gave attention to her girl, although her condition was very serious. Girl was suffered with Thalassemia and reached hospital in very critical situation.

As CM Punjab visiting THQ today and all doctors were busy in giving protocol to CM Punjab and didn’t even pay any attention to the patients that was the only reason little girl got died.

In reply to this Doctors told to media that although CM Punjab came to visit the THQ but all doctors were doing their work properly and with sincerity, all patients were being properly checked.

As per ARY News report , the time CM Punjab arrived in hospital, everyone gathered around him and hospital became little rushy due to which patients faced little difficulty in reaching to wards and reaching to doctors. Lot of efforts were made to send people out from hospital but all in Vane and due to which this girl died. Girl mother requested doctors to let them enter in hospital but no one listened to them and the result went very horrible.




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