Lepark Fraud Got cught by Jangome Team

LePARK was Established with the sole objective of resolving parking issues within LAhore but it looks like they are failed to meet the expectations of citizens, Jangome on Thursday.

In lahore we can see paid parking everywhere and the agents who are managing parking are claiming that we have orders from Hamza Shahbaz and all this money goes to Hamza. ( LePARK workers statement) 

Today in Main market while parking car, we get ticket for parking from Lepark and it was of Xinhua Mall Site. This is so astonishing that site is Main market but ticket we are getting is of Xinhua mall, is Lepark cheating and doing fraud with everyone?

Also previously we also noticed that few of the Private contractors wearing LePark uniform are making money on daily basis on the name of Hamza Shahbaz, few of the parking guys doesn’t have even machines and provide printed tickets to the parking persons. It’s called bhatta system in Lahore is active from last many years and everyone looks worried because of this system. Interestingly, no government agency taking action against this issue which was previously highlighted by Express Tribune.

Similar complaints were also made by several other citizens but the issue is still there and no one has dare to resolve issues.

We have seen on their LePARK website that they are charging on almost all the sites acquired by LDA, here we have question who lahore is acquired by LDA, even market places too ? LePARK should be closed or work properly , there are no rules and regulations and lot of persons making money on the name of LePARK , their uniform is being used but why they are quiet after lot of complaints being made.

That’s question mark on LePARK.

The LePARK was established under section 32 of Companies’ Ordinance, 1984 as a subsidiary of the city district government with the aim to improve the existing parking system in the metropolis but they are failed to achieve this.


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