Kenya Attack – A Series of Chaos

Kenya Attack

The state of Kenya and the city of Nairobi has been in the state of chaos from the past 16 hours since a huge terrorist attack took place. There has been massive firing, grenades and blasts that have been tragic for the people. This attack was made on a hotel which has many visitors and there was a restaurant chain too which was also targeted.

This attack has until now reported to take about 21 lives whereas the rest of the count may increase with time as well. This attack was basically made over a complex and this complex where a hotel had and a restaurant also had a spa and numerous international offices too. As per the police it is reported that there were five men armed of which one was a suicide bomber and he passed away as soon as he pressed the button of the bomb, the rest of the four were later killed.

As per the survivors of the attack, there was a lot of chaos and they just wanted help for which they waited for hours and hours, they even had to hide under the tables in order to save their lives and they did so. In the year 2013, more or less the same kind of attack also took place and after that the police of Kenya have worked pretty harder to make their systems stronger.


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