Karachi Police Arrest Man for Organising ‘Wife-Swap’ on Facebook


On Sunday 4th November, Karachi police arrested a man found to have been orchestrating an illegal event. The accused had created fake dance party events on Facebook to dupe attendees out of the cover charge.

Clifton Superintendent of Police, Suhaee Aziz, elaborated on the matter during a press conference the next day. He stated that they had raided a house in Clifton where they captured and arrested the perpetrator, Arsalaan Qamar.

Qamar faces charges of creating an event page for dance parties within which guests could ‘swap’ their wives.

The event had been organised on 3rd November and had had rooms booked for attendees. The cover charge for the so-called party was Rs. 25,000.

In actuality, the party was just a ruse to rob people of their money. Qamar would took the money of those interested and then quickly deleted the page.

During their investigation, police uncovered that Qamar had orchestrated 4 other similar fake dance parties in the past.

SP Aziz revealed that it had been a police informant who had confirmed the matter. He had gone undercover to act as an interested attendee for Qamar’s event and paid him RS. 25,000.

The informant then called Qamar to confirm and ask for details, Qamar insisted that no such party exists and to never call him again.

The accused confessed that he had already sold 2 tickets for Rs. 25k each. The police recovered that amount during their raid of the premises.


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