Jazz TV – A New Name of Innovation with Entertainment!

Jazz Mobile TV

Jazz, a well known name in the industry of telecommunication brings a new entertainment package for its customers by introducing Jazz TV app. As the name suggests the users of iOS and Android will now be able to make the most watching television, live shows, spots and what not.

As the time is passing on Pakistan is taking a serious hold of the technological innovations and when it comes to catering millions of users Jazz never lets anyone down and brings new innovations every now and then. This application launched by Jazz will be catering numerous entertainment sessions for the users, be it watching a movie or be it a television show you will come across numerous categories to choose from and take your time to have some entertainment on your phone directly.

Jazz has provided users with a very user friendly app like this and it have been offering people with a great deal of accessibility. These innovations on the part of mobile companies and their applications provides for huge revenue to the country. Billions of dollars would be accumulated as revenue from the applications by the year 2020.

In the event of the launch of the mobile television app by Jazz, namely Jazz TV the Marketing Head of the company, Kazim Mujtaba addressed to the media stating that

Jazz is always committed to one factor which calls for innovation and with its new innovations Jazz brings new and improved methods of ease for the users with its different applications. Jazz TV is also one of a great involvement in the industry which gives the users a chance of having hands on various channels being more than 50 and that too live.

Jazz TV would be accessible by the users using the 4G or their Wi-Fi and this application comes up with countless different features to be used every now and then. Even the cricket series of 2019 would be accessible to be watched on the application, the channels will be all of high quality and that too followed by uninterrupted videos to keep the experience of the viewers a great one.

Different features that add value to the experience of the people include, rewind of shows for up to seven days, recording and sharing of the user’s  favorite content, great control and eminent picture based screen to scroll though your liked shows.


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