Jazz and Eva Continue their Journey through Pakistan

Jazz and Eva

Eva Travels Pakistan with Jazz’, is this year’s one of the most searched and awaited online travel series and has already broke the internet with its first five episodes. Jazz inaugurated this travel series, with the aim to expose and enlighten the hidden, underrated and forgotten areas of the Sindh and Balochistan, to the world. It also serves as a platform for the foreigners to comprehend the traditions and cultures of the Pakistan.

Up till now, they have covered Karachi- with respect to its appetizing and exotic street foods, the Makran Coastal Highway and the never-ending beaches of Gawadar. One of the Gawadar’s Beach, Khud Malir, was ranked in the top 50 beaches of Asia.

This travel series can help the economy of Pakistan by showing the positive image of Pakistan, as it can, in return, aid in increasing foreign travel, as well as, domestic travel. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the travel and tourism contributed 2.7% of the Pakistan’s GDP i.e. USD7.6 billion (PKR 793.0 billion). The government is expecting an increase in this amount by the year 2025, so that the total contribution is to be about PKR1 trillion (USD9.5 billion), to the GDP.

The renown, one of the most read, Forbes magazine has ranked Pakistan amongst the ‘The 10 Coolest Places to go to in 2019’. With few more shows like this, Pakistan can upgrade its rank on the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index, which is currently 124.

The Head of Marketing at Jazz, Kazim Mujtaba, accentuated about how this series is helping in making a positive impact of Telco on its viewers by saying, “The need of this show makes straight with our tagline at Jazz i.e. “Dunya ko bataa do”. This digital travel series is the seamless way to show the world the positive sides of Pakistan and cannot stress enough on how much is the importance of the Pakistan’s positive image to be spread to the rest of the world is.

He added, “We have received such a position response from the viewers of this show, that our expectations have been truly met. Our confidence has been increased a great deal by seeing such encouraging responses and was indeed a great alliance between Jazz and Eva. We have always been supporting and encouraging the young emerging talents of our country to promote our homeland, and will continue to do so in the upcoming years as well”.

Jazz has continuously been working in digitizing Pakistan and this series aided a lot in digitizing the travel experience and services of Pakistan. The viewers are kept engaged on the official platform of Jazz and Eva, by asking them to share their experiences and to recommend the places where the Eva should go next.

During the shooting of the show, a local Youtuber, Anita Jalil Baloch, who makes vlogs about the areas worth traveling to of Balochistan, also met and collaborated with Eva and was starred in the 4th episode of the travel series. Travel vloggers like Irfan Junejo has also collaborated with Anita.


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