Jamil Ayan –The Last Folk Instrument Player!

We all known this very fact that Nescafe Basement is rocking the world with its new songs and the song “Bol Hu” has already captured the world in a massive applause. Jamil Ayyan features in Bol Hu as an instrumentalist, playing “Dambura”, which made a serious comeback to the world of folk.

However, when we talk about the different aspects of the music featured in this song we can never sideline the name of Jamil Ayan and the usage of the instrument Dambura which made a serious comeback to the world of folk.

However, as far as this young talent Jamil Ayan is form Quetta is concerned we can see that how perfectly he has brought the touch of folk in the song and this instrument on his part is a beautiful addition to this season of Nescafe Basement.

However, as per Jamil Ayan he learned played this instrument by look at the elders and since he had an interest in it his father bought him this Dambura.

According to Jamil, he has given a great name to the instrument as well Dam means “breathe” and Bura means “taken away” so according to him this instrument when gets played takes away the breath of the listeners like the song “Bol Hu” is doing so for the listeners.


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