Izhaan Mirza Malik Framed Their Son’s Foot Impression

Sania Mirza

Making memories is always something people work for when it comes to cherishing different occasions for their lives. No matter it is a wedding ceremony, or a birthday bash, baby shower or birth of baby everything when captured and saved turns out to be a great thing to be cherished even when you have passed decades.

The celebrities,  when announced the news of their pregnancy earlier this year and since then the fans were waiting of their bundle of joy to arrive. The parents were excited too much but other than that the fans were also pretty much excited for the new member. However, as soon their son was born everyone loved the news and enjoyed the sights of this new born Izhaan Mirza Malik. The excitement of this new member was so much for the parents too that they decided to do all they could to welcome their child.

Sania has now memorized the footprints of thee child in a frame and this is going to be a kind of memory which everyone would love always.

This frame looks outclass and the little baby’s footprints are the cutest thing to have an eye on. Even after years when Sania Mirza would have a look at this memory they would cherish this moment always with their child.


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