Instagram Blogger Andreea Cristina Claims of Getting Threats Online, She Has Blocked About 200,000 Followers!

Andreea Cristina

Instagram blogger Andreea Cristina Bolbea, aka @andreeacristina is a renowned beauty blogger holding following of about 1.2 million. Earlier this month she complained that she has been receiving threats and trolls over the social media from many people. These trolls were not only lied to her Instagram account in fact she also faced some terrible comments in real life too.

She said people have been calling her names, calling her prostitute, harassing her and also abusing her husband. She has cut down about 200,000 followers by blocking them after identification but the story doesn’t end here. She said that people come up with new accounts and repeat the same activity back again.

In the times when she used to share her live location with fans men even used to reach at those places and harass her, now she has stopped sharing her locations since she is scared of them. All this has made her life pretty much miserable however, she is still standing firm with the same position. However, she requires social media platforms to find out ways and deal with such creepy people; currently she is just scanning her followers and blocking whoever comes out to be creepy.


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