Indians took Ariel washing powder advertisement to a whole new level

For all those Mother who pamper their sons . Jago Maa Jago.

Posted by Nirmala Pathak on Saturday, 2 February 2019

Indians took Ariel washing powder advertisement to a whole new level and the audience is loving the message they have given to the mothers all around the globe.

It shows a mother who is having a conversation with her daughter who is planning on quitting her job just because she’s unable to manage her household chores with her job and her husband cannot help because he doesn’t know how to help with such things. And that’s when her mom realises that it’s what they teach their sons when they’re growing up.

The common mistake most of the mothers have been making since ages is that of to pamper their sons, just because they are ‘boys’ and the girls are supposed to take care of things specifically at home. It has always been considered very odd when men even try to help out their sisters or wives with the household chores when it shouldn’t be.

Responsibilities must be shared between the two, responsibilities have nothing to do with the gender or the relationship between the people that are living together.

The burden must never fully fall on the women of the house. Moreover, the people are highly appreciating and supporting the strong yet positive idea that Ariel has introduced.



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