Indian Jets to Flee Back on the Response of PAF

It is reported that earlier yesterday morning around 3:30 A.M. Indian jets were seen flying in the vicinity of Pakistan, they entered through Muzzafarabad and were seen flying over Srinagar. However, PAF timely responded the jets and they returned back from where they came.

Indian Jets as soon as entered the PAF stood in the air to defend the state and the moment they saw the response of Pakistan, they just emptied the pay load and returned back once again. This response on the part of Pakistan somehow made them aware of the fact that they should not come against Pakistan’s line of control.

This morning, Pakistan shot down 2 aircrafts and both of the pilots are arrested! all the pictures and videos has been leaked but indian government is not ready to accept this and make fake fake news.

Here is video where the indian pilot is found to be beaten by mop!

As per reports name of indian pilot is Abhinandan and he also confirmed that Pakistan Army is treating him rescued him from Map.


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