Imran khan’s Third Marriage News Is Trending On Social Media

Imran Khan’s Third Marriage rumors can be seen everywhere on social media and people are getting crazy to know the reality. Everyone is excited to hear the news of Teesri Shadi of Khan that’s why the topic is the most discussed topic and is viral these days.

Over the weekend, social media broke the hearts of many girls when the news of Imran Khan marriage was trending, although PTI party is keep on rejecting all the all rumors about Khan’s rumors, however they have revealed that Imran Khan sent marriage proposal to Burshran Maneka, who is spiritual advisor to Khan.

Many PTI supporters are not happy and criticize him on his third marriage, however lot of supporters are still supporting him by saying it’s his personal life.

Few of the tweets and post of social media platforms regarding Imran Khan’s Third Marriage.

Lets hope for the best this time, his third marriage stays forever. We wish him best of luck for everything in life.


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