Imran Khan Appeals for Dam Funds

Dam Funds

Imran Khan Will Himself Take Care Of Dam Funds

Imran khan has taken initiative for the Dam Funds and have requested to all Pakistani’s especially overseas Pakistani’s to participate in the Dam funds.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has declared the lack of water as Pakistan’s biggest issue and decided to combine Prime Minister Dam Fund with Chief Justice Dam Fund and appealing to all Pakistanis, especially overseas Pakistanis to participate.

During his speech, Prime Minister has said that “Pakistan debt has reached to 30 Billions rupees today and also we are facing with energy issues well, but in my opinion water problem is the biggest one. ”

He Further said that “Those overseas Pakistani’s who already helped in making Shaukat Khanum and NUML University, Due to 70% of free treatment of the poor in Shaukat Khanum Hospital, there is a loss every year and half of the losses are beard by the overseas Pakistanis. He said that more than 80 to 90 million Pakistani’s are living abroad and if every Pakistani send 1000 dollar to Pakistan, then we will have enough money to construct this Dam and we won’t be needing loan from anyone. If we can get the money, we will be able to complete the Dam within 5 years. Pakistan’s resorts are very less and country needs money! “

Overseas Pakistani’s are being asked to send at least 1000 dollar for Dam construction, this way Pakistan will have enough money for the Dam and also dollars will come to Pakistan. Prime Minister promised that all matters would be brought to the Nation. Construction of Dam is very important for the country, when Pakistan was made there was supply of 500 to 600 cubic meter water for every Pakistani and now it has reduced to just 1000 cubic meter. Pakistan doesn’t have enough capacity to store water.

Dam Funds

Prime Minister said that “Making Dam is indispensable to us, if we don’t make the dam , we will be leaving problem for our future Generation”

According to experts, if we do not construct a dam, Pakistan will get dry in 2025 – in 2025, we will not have water to grow the grain, there will be no grain for its own people. Results could be very dangerous!

Prime Minister also announced his participation in Chief Justice fund raising campaign and said that “I really appreciate the efforts of Chief Justice, because it was not his work and was the work of political leaders and government. Refering to the storage capacity of other countries, he said that Pakistan has 30 days capacity to save water, India has 190 days and Egypt has 1000 days.”

In order to save Pakistan for future Prime Minister also requested every overseas to participate in Dam fund and assure everyone that he will be taking care of their money. He asked everyone to start Jihad for their own beloved country Pakistan. Egypt was not getting funds from anywhere for the construction of Dams but they made it possible by their and now same is the challenge for Pakistan. Every Pakistan now has to contribute for the dam to save their future generation.


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