Huawei’s CFO Arrested in United States!

Huawei CFO

The news spreading about the arrest of the Huawei’s CFO who is also the daughter of found of the telecommunication brand Huawei has been arrested on her trip to Vancouver, Canada. As per the sources, the lady was arrested while she was moving between the flights and there are still no comments by the U.S regarding the arrest.

The lady in question, Meng Wanzhou is a decent individual who has been running a big name of China and doesn’t seem to be involved in any kind of criminal or civil offence. China is a bit worried on this kind of arrest and this may lead to a disruption between the relationship that lies between China and United States.

However, some of the reports state that the arrest may be due to the fear U.S has that through the Huawei’s mobile phones China might spy on Americans. Since, there seems no other valid reason behind this arrest because Huawei complies with all the regulations laid by U.S.

The reasons however, seem to be unknown since there is no statement made by U.S as yet, these are just predictions. The lady in question is still under arrest and nobody knows when she will be released.


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