Huawei Promises to Surprise The Fans with its Upcoming Foldable Smartphones

Huawei recently unveiled its latest high-end smartphones, Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro and Mate 20X. The smartphones surprised by their specifications, but also prices. However, the arrival of the unexpected Mate 20X may have left some clues for the future.

We all know what will be the next big revolution in the smartphone market, the arrival of the first foldable smartphone. Apparently, this will be the big trend of 2019, with several manufacturers working on these mysterious devices.

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As one would expect, Huawei is one of these manufacturers. Although we do not yet have any specific data that will allow us to have an idea of how your first smartphone will be folding, we know it will surprise.

In an interview given on the day of the event, Richard Yu – CEO of Huawei – approached the coveted theme, but did not go down in any detail.

When asked the first time about the desired folding smartphone, Yu just ensured that this smartphone will arrive with support for 5G networks. This is not a confirmation that can be considered surprising.

Not only because we know that 5G is going to “spread” during 2019, but also because Huawei was one of the manufacturers that invested more in its development in recent times. So it just makes sense that they are also the first to take advantage of the new technology.

Although it has not let “escape” any detail, Richard Yu confirmed that the manufacturer is already developing a folding smartphone that will have support for 5G networks. However, they have not yet reached a stage where they may consider it “marketable”.

The colossal screen of this rival for the Xiaomi, Samsung and even for the Nintendo Switch.

At the latest event, the manufacturer introduced the unexpected Huawei Mate 20X, which stunned with a giant 7.2-inch screen and state-of-the-art specs. From an early age, it was felt that it has a screen too large to be considered a mobile phone. So it would not be surprising if the brand uses the Mate 20X design as the basis for the design of its first foldable smartphone.

Surely it would be interesting to get a smartphone like Mate 20X, but we could fold and put it in our pocket. Even more interesting would be if, in addition to the foldable 7.2 “inch screen, it was possible to use the smartphone with the folded screen.

However, we are only “traveling the tide” of speculation with all these ideas. The only certainty we have is that Huawei will really surprise the world with its upcoming smartphones. Whether they are folding or not.


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