Huawei Makes Seamless Sales for the Year 2018


We all know this fact very well that among the numerous different mobile phone brands Huawei has been one seamless choice nowadays which has been capturing significant demand all over the world. The mobile phones being launched under the brand name of Huawei these days are considering to be finest because of the tremendous featured they offer to the users.

If we take a look at the massive sales record set by the Huawei we may find that in the year 2017 the sales of Huawei touched the mark of 154 million however, in the past year 2018 the sales of Huawei have been closed on 206 million, which is a massive increase amounting to about 33 percent. However in comparison to Huawei there is no such increase in other brands as we can see that they declined their sales level in unites.

Taking a look at the Samsung sales we may see a decline, where the year2017 sold about 215 million phones whereas in the year 2018 the sales level has been 292 million. Similarly when it comes to Apple we may take a look that during the year 2017 the company made sales of 215 million whereas in the year 2018  the sales amounted to be 208 million.

The features, specifications, user-friendliness and the budgeted price of Huawei has made the demand and supply pretty much faster and so as the sales level of Huawei has increased.



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