Huawei has planned to introduce emotionally intelligent Artificial Intelligence


Huawei is all set to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) for more improved responsive interactions because dominant part of robots still got no emotions and this category was marking them inferior from humans.

The Chinese smart phone manufacturer developing an Al assistant that will offer enhanced emotional interaction to users. The team predicts building up a framework that can expel the need of touching a cell phone for utilizing the system.

For an improved emotional interaction, the assistant can recognize feelings through the voice tone, telephone use and such other information and the intelligent assistant can easily recognize the user’s mood and reply respectively.

Felix Zhang, Huawei’s Vice President of Software Engineering said in a meeting with CNBC, “We need to give emotional interactions. We imagine that later on all our end clients wish they can cooperate with the framework in the emotional mode. This is the course we find over the long haul.”



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