Winters trends stay consistent over the years and this year is no different. Combination of bold colours and decent designs are repeatedly thrown into the mix but who’s complaining?

As we roll into this chilly season, there is one trend that has been consistently in the limelight since the beginning and that is of Velvet! This is restricted to winters and it’s downy and rich texture keeps you warm yet in the most decent way ever! Doesn’t matter if it’s eastern or western velvet, it always makes a style statement. This year it was a hot trend during the weddings as well as were worn casually by various celebrities as well.

Moving forward to the trend of Bomber Jackets, which has proved to be a hit on our country over many years. Pairing it with a T-shirt and a pair of  jeans can make an effortless style statement itself!

Bomber Jackets

Coming over to Denim jackets that have always been in style and is something that never gets old. They became popular in the 90s and that popularity has continued throughout all these years. It is a permanent fixture in everyone’s wardrobe and it has become more of a seasonal trend, worn only in winters.

So, this winter, if you have these essentials in your closet already, you’re set for the next few months


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