Hania Amir swaying Saboor Aly off her feet

Hania Amir & Saboor Aly

New style of Hania Amir  to wish happy birthday to Saboor Aly.

Working with someone day and night, will undoubtedly make you to become best companions to share laughter and make fun with each other. The same could be said of Hania Amir and Saboor Aly. Both of young actors have become very famous in entertainment industry in a very short timeframe. Both of the actors are very close friends as well, this really brings more fun to work as well.

The time when Hania was not near to Saboor Aly on her birthday, she did what every one of us do, for our best buddies in our own particular cherishing way. Hania wished birthday to Saboor Aly along with a memorable picture, in which Hania lifted Saboor  off her feet.Hania & Saboor Aly
Hania captioned the picture: “Happy belated birthday you little fart. Loveee you💜”

Unsurprisingly, this got very good responses from fans, for the most part of whom were astonished at the way that Hania could lift anybody.

However, to start with, look at the thank you from Saboor (in a genuine closest companion style).

Saboor Aly



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