Government To Reduce Prices For Petroleum Products


Asad Umar, during his press conference in Islamabad announced to decrease the prices for Petroleum products.

He said that the prices are reduced due lower price in international market

Asad Umar Said:

The government wants to pass on the lesser burden to the people and as much relief as possible,” said the minister.

He also mentioned, that these prices were determined after keeping in mind the costs of shipment. He said!

Two ships of petrol and diesel arrived last month


In October, when we got the recommendation, the international market was high, and the value of the currency had fallen. So, according to OGRA, the prices were supposed to increase.

He also mentioned that government rejected OGRA’s summary to increase the prices of petroleum products and trying to give relief to masses.

Also the price for light diesel has been reduced by rs.5 per litre.

Umar also explain that he is trying his best and is hopeful to bring prices down further in next month.

Revised prices will get effected from 12:00 AM onwards.


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