Government Calls On Youtube & Whatsapp to Tackle Fake News

Information Minister, Fawad Chaudhry, has called on Whatsapp and Youtube to follow Facebook and Twitter’s example concerning fake news. He has asked them to ‘combat the menace of fake news and hate mongering’ like the other two social media giants.

The minister applauded Twitter when they suspended Khadim Rizvi’s twitter. He tweeted:

Twitter shut down Rizvi’s account for the time being during the protests over Asia Bibi’s acquittal from blasphemy charges.

The Information Minister has now called on Google and Whatsapp to follow suit. He has urged them to implement mechanisms and measures to fight fake news and hate speech. Google is already working on creating AI to find and de-rank fake news. Unfortunately, similar methods to find and report fake news and hate speech are not as easy to create.

High Court Demands Social Media to be Regulated

The Sindh High Court (SHC) recently ordered PTA to help the FIA form a mechanism to regulate social media.

They ordered the PTA to find and submit the IP addresses of fake accounts to the FIA. These measures were demanded by the court after a school teacher petitioned against inappropriate content on social about her.

The court has given authorities 15 days to remove all such content. It also ordered an investigation of the matter by the Chairman PTA. The court has directed the chairman to use all means possible and provide and detailed report on the situation.

The High Court has concluded that defamatory fake information is an offense. It causes damage to not only its target but also the people related to them.

The court stated:

“There must be a complete mechanism not only unearthing the culprit but to ensure immediate removal and blocking of such attempts”.

The Sindh High Court drove home its point that cybercrimes cannot be properly investigated without proper regulation and access to IP addresses.

It also stated that although mobile service companies should not endanger the lives of others. They have the luxury of proving one IP address to multiple users and this must be practiced carefully. It stated that, due to this, a mechanism for IP addresses is necessary to form.


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