Google Rocked People Shocked – 1 USD equals 76.25 PKR, Google Pranks the Nation!


Viral news of Google showing a declined value of dollar against Pakistani rupee circulated the entire social media like a fire and this was a massive glitch which turned the people on. Not only Google showed the wrong rates for the USD in fact if you take a look at the Pound Sterling rate and the Euros as well, it seems Pakistani currency has finally gained some strength against these three currencies, well this could be a joke only.

In fact, we can consider it a fulfillment of Murad Saeed’s promise of bringing 200 Billion dollars the moment Imran Khan will become the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Well, it seems the time to fulfill the promise has just landed and Google has also participated in the fulfillment very well.

This major glitch on the part of Google is not to be taken lightly because people must be demanding the same rates as shown and this could be a life threatening problem for dear Google. We know everyone is just sick and tired of increasing dollar against Pakistani rupee and Google also is concerned about the declining economic condition of Pakistan therefore tried to cheer people up.


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