Going International: Teefa In Trouble To Represent Pakistan in China!

Teefa In Trouble

Teefa In Trouble has been making headlines ever since its release. The film has been setting new standards for the Pakistani film industry and now it’s going international. The film has been awarded the honour of being chosen to represent Pakistan at the highly esteemed Silk Road International Film Festival (SRIFF) in Fuzhou, China.

The Pakistani blockbuster will screen at the already ongoing festival. Producer, co-writer, and star of the film Ali Zafar also represented Pakistan in discussions with China at a conference. These discussions carried the possibility of paving the way for cultivating ties between China and Pakistan for future cinematic endeavours.

President China Film Co-Production, Mr. Miao Xiaotian, and Vice president of China Film Group Corporation, Mr. Jiang Ping, chaired the conference. Ali Zafar, Mr. Xiaotian and Mr. Ping discussed the need for diverse cinematic cooperation and the rapidly growing Pakistani film industry. Most importantly, they spoke of how this would be a good time for investment, cultivation, and development of film which would be harmonious with the One Belt One Road movement. They also discussed the need for cooperation and strategy for films and the possibility of content collaboration.

Ali Zafar spoke at a number of meeting hosted by the Chinese government and film officials where he addressed delegates from India, Turkey, Canada, South Africa, Egypt, Tunisia, Croatia, Serbia, Malaysia and Georgia. “Pakistan has huge potential and these are very important times for our industry with a long way to go to really achieve our full potential. We welcome all dialogue and initiatives to enable us to realise this full potential.”

He pointed out that Teefa In Trouble had made almost $2.7 million from Pakistan alone and that too with just 101 screen. In comparison, Bollywood films achieve their success with 4000 screens and China with 50,000 screens. “Considering Pakistan’s population we have a potential market of 1000-1500 screens which could easily multiply the business to 10/15 times more than its current value or beyond. Hence investment into Pakistan is sure to be lucrative.”

He further said, “I am equally here to underscore the need to create history, opening doors for screening Pakistani films in China and I propose a quota on minimum 3 films a year to be given to Pakistan. Moreover Pakistani film students and film makers should be given an opportunity to work aside Chinese film students and film makers and vice versa. This will not only help diversify our understanding towards each other’s cultures but also accentuate the artistic expression alongside creating massive commercial prospects. Pakistan has enormous potential and is a beautiful country and the world must get to see it.”

Ali Zafar was praised by both SRIFF and delegates there for Teefa In Trouble success. The film was praised for taking the Pakistani film industry to new heights with its overall quality and high end production.

Ali Zafar is now joining heads with Chinese film industry to create and implement a strategic plan for films across Pakistan and China.


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