Girl Leaps From Moving Vehicle Alleging To Have Been Harassed By Driver In Karachi

Girl Harrased by the Driver in Karachi

On 20th October 2018, Media channels reported a girl jumping out from a ride-hailing service’s moving vehicle on the bustling Shara-i-Faisal road in Karachi. She claimed to have been harassed by the driver who had allegedly tried to take the wrong route.

She is reported to have only incurred minor injuries from the jump. Police arrested the driver and have registered an FIR (272/2018) against the driver on a complaint of the woman under Section 354 of the Pakistan Penal Code, said City SSP Dr Samiullah Soomro.

The girl in question has asked not to be named and stated that she had booked a ride for Saddar. She claimed that the driver she had been assigned had persisted in continuously staring at her throughout the ride. He then allegedly took a wrong turn away from her route which is when she panicked and chose to jump out of the moving vehicle. Bystanders watching this caught the driver and alerted the police.

The apprehended driver pleaded innocence and claimed that she herself had stated Defence as her drop-off location which is why he had changed routes.

The police however have surmised that the girl perhaps had jumped out the car in confusion as the driver claimed she had changed her destination herself.

It had been assumed that the driver belonged to the ride hailing services Uber or Careem. However, both companies have denied any affiliation to the driver. A spokeswoman from Careem stated that!

the driver was not registered with Careem.

Uber released a similar statement saying that!

the reported incident did not take place on Uber’s platform.

The girl addressed reporters by saying that “Everyone is entitled to get justice.” She also stated that she had chosen to jump out as she had “senses the danger” and “instead of giving chance to someone to lay his hands on my honor as the driver of ride-hailing service was continuously staring at me through the back-view mirror in the car”.

Garnering mixed responses from people of the country. This is what social media users had to say :

This is a developing stories and further updates will be added as they surface.


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