Indian Private Hospital Offered Free Heart Transplant to our Hockey Legend –
Mansoor Ahmed

A private hospital in India offered a free heart transplant to our Hockey legend our hero and world cup winning goal keeper Mansoor Ahmed

Mansoor Ahmed

According to the times of India. Fortis group of hospitals offered him heart transplant when the old legend made an appeal to Indian government to grant him visa for his betterment.

Mansoor Ahmed is our hero in Pakistan, he helped Pakistan winning the world cup in 1994 in Sydney against Netherlands in final. He has started his career in 1986 ending in 2000.

Ahmed has played 338 international matches, he participated in three Olympics, and also played in various other famous events.

In his interview earlier this week he said “He have broken many Indian hearts on the field by beating India in Gandhi Cup in 1989 but that was in sports, Now I need a heart transplant in India, so I need support from Indian government”.

Humanity has no religion, Ahmed said visa would be life saver for him.

Ahmed has made it clear he was not looking for financial assistance, all he was looking for an Indian visa as his doctor Choudhry Pervez advised him to go to Indian for his betterment.

Dr S Narayani zonal director Fortis Mumbai told media that after government clears him, he will further see that he is fit and strong enough for travelling or not.

Many Indian athletes supported him for his medical treatment in India. V Baskaran the former Indian captain supported him too.

Mansoor Ahmed has to wait long after visa because a heart can only be donated to a foreign national, if there are no Indians in the waiting list.


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