Flight Operations Suspended in Pakistan and India

Flight Operations Suspended

As we know that the tension between India and Pakistan seems to be on the side of being heated, the airspace of Pakistan has announced to be shut down.

Earlier in the morning, two air jets of India that entered Pakistan were shot down and a pilot was taken into custody. On the other hand, the air operations of flights in Lahore, Islamabad and Multan were already shut down since yesterday but now as per the notification of Civil Aviation Authority the airspace of Pakistan ha scene completely shut till further notice.

The initiative of this situation was taken by India when an air jet came from their side and entered the line of control dropping their payload. The response of Pakistan on this made them flee back but again earlier this morning they sent two jets. Keeping the current situation in mind Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority has decided to shut down the flights operations till the situation comes under control. Any activity in air space could trigger casualties and it is not safe to have any flights in the current scenario.

On the other hand, the flight operations in India also have been stopped due to the current situation and they have also shut their airports for now.



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