PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week leaves a mark on the world by including Transgender model on the runway

Transgender model

Maavia as a first ever Transgender model in PFDC

PFDC has always been at the cutting edge of stepping into strange territory, influencing waves and remaining to up for unthinkable issues that others have been hesitant to handle. In its eleventh version, the fashion association has made Pakistani history by giving a stage to Maavia, the first ever Pakistani trans-model to grace the runway!

This is a proud first for the whole country and solidifies PFDC’s ever dynamic part in the projection and promotion of our country’s finest talent.

This is a genuinely necessary step towards exclusivity and acknowledgment of trans individuals in Pakistan, who have had what’s coming to them of abuse. In an elite meeting with Something Haute, Maavia was asked whether this grand leap for her group made her anxious.


She answered with an air of confidence when she stated, “I’m so excited to play my part in making this world more inclusive. “It is such an honour for me to represent my community on such a prestigious platform. I know I should be nervous but I’m not. I’m so happy to finally fulfill this life long dream of mine.”

They additionally talked with Hamza Bokhari, the designer from fashion brand Jeem who was behind this activity, “Taking Maavia was a no brainier,” he said. “Not only is she educated and beautiful, she’s the perfect person to represent her community. I want people to see how beautiful diversity and inclusiveness is.”


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