Firearm Training Simulator worth $2.7 Million given to Sindh Police

Sindh Police was given a Firearm Training Simulator of about $2.7 million by USA at a ceremony held in Saeedabad, the chief guest of this ceremony was US Consul General JoAnne Wagner.

At the ceremony the chief guest said that this simulator will help the police of Sindh in many ways and will be a perfect training essential to train the newcomers. This simulator where will help in training will also help in saving the costs of bullets used in the training.

Since the year 2012 Sindh police and US Government has collaborated and has been working to provide proper training to the new admissions. Moreover, these essentials have been also provided for appropriate training of the police. US Government has been helping about 90 countries this way to make their defense system strong. Since it is the police that look after the violence and extremism prevailing in the country, they need to be equipped with the right arms and simulators.


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