Fashion Trends 2018

With each and every year, various improvised and alternate fashion trends are formed. Oftentimes, old fashion trends are renewed or given a new birth in order to keep up with the growing fashion industry.

One of the examples of the fashion rebirth included the ‘itty bitty sunglasses’, which were once a red-hot in the 40s and the 90s. Numerous Instagram posts of various celebrities illuminated the revival of the small frames in 2018.

Gigi Hadid

Another item that’s currently trendy is ‘fanny packs’ which were initially all the rage in the 90(s).

These little bags were worn for their functionality earlier but these days is actually considered to be fashion accessory. These went from somewhat embarrassing but useful tourist essential to a high end trendy fashion accessory replicated by fast fashion brands like Forever 21 and h&m available for the average millennial now.

Moreover, Clear shoes or plastic shoes are something that never went out of fashion. Women have been pulling them off since decades, whether it is a night out or a regular day at work. Even some of

The biggest fashion brands like Oscar de la Renta and Alexander Wang seemed to be onboard with the clear shoes when models were seen wearing them in the New York Fashion Week.

On the other hand, most of the celebrities were seen wearing these repeatedly on various events and now it seems like as if these see-through stilettos is their only favourite footwear!

This was yet another year of fashion comebacks as more old fashion trends were revitalised, however going into 2019, we expect more old fashion trends coming back into style the way they have been for the past few year. And now with unusual new stuff inspired by designer brands thrown into the mix as well.


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