Fahad Mustafa Give a Shut Up Call By a Reporter

In a press conference conducted over the Karachi Kings a reporter of Samaa News mistakenly said “Fawad” instead of “Fahad” to which the actor started being rude to the reporter. Although the reported corrected his mistake yet Fahad Mustafa said that these mistakes are a reason that these reporters don’t get paid which was something terrible to say to someone in this way.

However, upon this insult of the reporter by Fahad, the reporter even made a statement that if Fahad had gone through something in the cricket he would have not commented negatively on Muhammad Amir to which Fahad asked the personnel to turn the microphone of the reporter off. The reporter then was again bashed by Fahad stating: “Beta, mudday pe aao,” to which reporter stated that to mind his language and the entire scenario started to heat up.

Well, this is not the first time that Fahad Mustafa has bashed someone publicly so badly and it has been something in his nature now. Previously in the game show as well when a girl came up with his sketch he insulted the girl instead of appreciating her by saying that she should stop drawing. This attitude on his part has been getting worse and he deserved such a shut up call.


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