Facebook Messenger hits 1.3 Billion Users

When Facebook released the Messenger app, many people thought it wouldn’t make it. Currently, it has reached over 1.3 Billion users. Facebook always makes it.

Previously it was 1.2 billions and within no time they have crossed 1.2 billion and still increasing. 

With 1.3 Billion users all over the globe, this mobile communication app is starting to give the likes of Whatsapp some tough competition, by racing towards the most used messaging platform in the world. It had already crossed a billion users in July 2016, and everyone knew the Facebook Messenger was not going to stop growing.

Both whatsapp and messenger are owned by Facebook, and dominate the ever-growing, global messaging market. In a Facebook post, the company shared, “We’ve continued working hard to make Messenger the best it can be, introducing new masks, filters and reactions for video chat, more suggestions from M and making our virtual personal assistant available in more places around the world, rolling our more Instant Games more broadly and bringing Messenger Lite to more countries.”

With so many users, Facebook is working hard to retain them by introducing innovative features inside the application itself and using various different modes of using the Messenger. On the other hand, even at 1.3 billion users, Facebook is looking for more markets to venture in and provide their services to.

The social networking company is also finding new ways to attract a large base of users, and providing them with newer, more modern ways to access their features. Recently, it introduced a Watch tab for streaming original content on Facebook live.


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