Eyebrow trends of 2019

EyeBrow Trends

EyeBrow Trends

Just like your makeup and hairstyles eyebrows also play a vital role in transforming your face and your overall look. It gives shape to your face and immediately draws attention of the other person.

However, if you’re planning on experimenting with your eyebrows this year, then below are a couple of eyebrow trends that are highly free spirited and very easy for all of the ladies to follow!


Au natural brows are making a U-turn after all the contoured and filled in brows. It’s time for us to embrace our natural shape and sparse areas, however plucking out some strays wouldn’t hurt but otherwise let them be the way they are.



We colour our hair so why not our brows? It’s not important for our brows to be always brown or black, we made peace with coloured eyeliners so why not coloured eyebrows? It immediately adds a pop of colour to your makeup look and is without a doubt more fun as compared to our regular brows.


Contouring isn’t restricted to your cheekbones or your nose, it can be pulled off on your eyebrows as well, and is definitely one of the biggest brow trends of this year.

These are the upcoming trends of this year, hope you have decided which look you want to experiment with. Until then, have fun!



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