Exclusive Launch Event by Ezi Installments

The trend of online shopping is increasing at a faster pace and when a person needs some everyday use electronic items the ease of online shopping and that too on installments could be one of great news of the day. Well, the launch event of Ezi Installments took place earlier this week at the Marriot Hotel, Karachi and it was attended by numerous well known celebrities, bloggers and customers.

Siraj Kirmani Brand Manager along with Saleem Afridi, Nadir Ali famous activists

This event was executed to highlight the benefits, significance and the introduction of this launch of ease for the general public out there.

Siraj Kirmani Brand Manager for Ez Installments

“Ezi Installment is a part of Electro Group- which is working for the last 35 years having lots of on-ground stores. We have decided to start online instalment in order to facilitate our valued customers in a better way as now they even don’t need to come to us. We deliver products at their doorsteps”, said Siraj KirmaniBrand Manager of the company, on this occasion.

These days life is getting busy and budgets are getting tighter so purchasing everything online may be something pretty appealing and when it comes to the budgets too, the installments may make life much easier.

No matter a person needs to buy some outstanding and great quality electronic items for their own selves or they need these products for gift purpose or dowry purpose this platform could be one of a great choice to aim for. This platform provides people to choose their products online and define the installment terms which are mutually agreed by the company and the clients.

Waseem Afridi
Waseem Afridi( Comedian)

This event was attended by a very well known comedian who performed here during this event and entertained the public none other than Saleem Afridi.

Sherry Raza Singer
Sherry Raza Singer

The trend of music was also kept aligned by a well known singer from Coke Studio known as Sherry Raza.

People known all over the social media and some great and well known celebrities showed their inclination towards the launch of this kind of ease in the lives of people.

Many female bloggers also seemed happy about this launch since they found it an easy thing to now have hands on any of their required electronic products even if they are not in a position to visit the electronic markets and that too on such reasonable installments.


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