EMPG, Parent of Zameen.com Makes an Investment of $100 Million!

Zameen.com parent Company EPMG

The parent company of Zameen.com and one of a very well established name in the property market of Middle East, Asia and North Africa has announced its closure of investment of about $100 million which is something commendable.

This name belongs to none other than the EMPG which has been funded by an investment fund named as KCK Group.

The name of Zameen.com in the investment and property market needs no introduction since it has made its place with a significant impact and is being lead with a massive success by the leaders of the company. The entire group under which the name Zameen.com is working is present in above 40 cities all over the world and this is something worth appreciation.

The CEO of Zameen.com, Zeeshan Ali Khan stated that the company has reached to its utmost reach and is moving with its raised name pretty much quicker, the company has been working in an utmost capabilities and with a small name it started the work has now reached to the highest skies in the list of property market. The company has been doing really well and the best part about the company is the global recognition it has been provided with.

The CEO of Group EMPG Imran Ali Khan stated that the earnings of the entire group would be invested in bringing about new acquisitions and making the business move ahead with the pool of investment and like other countries the name of Pakistan will also reach to its utmost level in a few years under the efforts made by Zameen.com


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