Election of Muslim Women for the First Time in US Congress! Surprising or Not?

US Congress is always known for not electing the Muslim women ever, however when it comes to the consideration of latest news all we could see is a remarkable change which amounts the election of not just one but two Muslim women.

The two lucky representatives are Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, the changes in the perspective of giving equal rights to the minorities has been increasing and people all around the world are taking this consideration seriously. This calls for being a very remarkable move of breaking the barriers from the end of US Congress and we hope it goes well.

The two ladies won their places by way of running a combined campaign and have achieved their purpose of life very well. The first move was taken by Rashida with the help of a socialists group and later on Ilhan joined hands with her.

Ilhan has been residing in America after she migrated as a refugee from Somalia and it would have been about 20 years back. Ilhan has taken the place of Keith Ellison who has been known as the very first Muslim representative from Minnesota.

Whereas, Rashida has been known for her political interest from the past many years and made her place to the Michigan’s State Legislature a decade back as the first Muslim woman. Her family migrated from Palestine and settled in America and since then she has been a resident in US.

Rashida has been a very well known political influencer from the times of Trump coming into power and being an anti-Trump she has also been arrested during the speech of Trump as a result of her retaliation.

Rashida will be taking the place of Michigan representative who vacated from his seat for his sexual misconduct known as John Conyers in the US Congress.


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