Edotco to Play its Role in Digitalization of Pakistan

Edotco has reiterated its steadfast support to digitalization of Pakistan. The telecommunications giant believes Pakistan has the potential to become a major digital power in the world. Towards realizing this end, edotco plans to invest heavily in the digital infrastructure of the country.

The CEO of edotco, Mr. Suresh Sidhu, and its Chairman Mr Datuk Izzat Kamaludin met with the Prime Minster of Pakistan recently and reiterated steadfast support of the company to connectivity development plans of the country.

During the meeting, Mr. Datuk Izzat Kamaludin said that edotco has been growing at a very impressive rate in Pakistan. The country not only has a very high mobile penetration rate (73%) but has also recorded a splendid performance in 2G and 4G internet. In fact, Pakistan has been growing digitally at a phenomenal rate. Edotco has tie-ups with all major telecom players as it is providing a host of services such as energy management, O&M, and build to suit. The Chairman added that his company has ambitious plans to provide creative infrastructure related solutions to speed up digital growth of Pakistan.

Also present at the meeting was Mohammad Nafees Zakaria, the High Commissioner of Pakistan. His Excellency was of the view that Pakistan and Malaysia have very strong bilateral relations and edotco’s continued investment in Pakistan will give a further boost to the ties between the two Islamic brother countries.

Datuk Izzat quoted recently released data by Pakistan Telecom Authority. He said that there are at present 152 million telecom subscribers in Pakistan. There are 60 million users of 3G and 4G services while another 65 million use broadband services for connectivity.  The Chairman said that edotco is playing its role in making fast speed connectivity in Pakistan a reality by increasing its network coverage. He added that the focus of edotco is to expand its operations in Pakistan.

Today, edotco has a strong network of 700 towers being looked after by 130 professionals. In 2018 alone, the company has pumped in more than $110 million in Pakistan and plans to invest more in 2019. In all, the company owns and operates more than 28500 towers worldwide. Edotco has invested heavily in infrastructure in the last 5 years to make sure that cellular operators are able to deliver inexpensive and uninterrupted services with its help.


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