DUNKIN Is the New Nam, Donuts has been Ditched

Since ages the brand Dunkin Donuts has been known all over the world for its donuts, classic as well as the ones with the touch of different flavors and styles. The donuts from this brand have made it ideal for everyone out there to have their treats be it early morning breakfast or be it a visit to someone’s place taking donuts has been very common practice from this chain.

However, currently it has been featured that the brand is making some changes within it itself at many levels however the biggest change is the change in name.

Dunkin Donuts will no more be called now as Dunkin Donuts and rather it will be called as Dunkin. This change name as per the CEO of the brand is associated with a major change in the menu of this place and also they are moving towards simplicity. There are three major things which focus the name change, number one being they wish to add more beverages to their menu now and leaving the name associated with donuts doesn’t makes sense, secondly they need to move ahead towards making their menu simple, third is they wish to add more tech and cut down the labors from their workforce.

The change in the name started last year with one or two stores only, whereas now the change will float further and move ahead to the other stores all over the world from January 2019, the name change will be observed on their napkins, boxes and glasses.


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