Dollar Reached To The Highest Rate of PKR 142


Dollar rate has again been increased by 8 rupees in inter bank market and has reached to highest historic rate of 142.

Due to this high inflation in dollar rate, country’s loan has been increased to 760 billion in just a single day.

Today morning, during inter bank marketing a huge change in dollar rate can be seen and dollar has reached to its highest peak of PKR 142, which is the historic highest rate of dollar.

There is lot of criticism can be seen on social media for PTI government.

According to economic analyst, the change in dollar rate will bring storm of inflation. Everything will get expensive and it would be difficult for a common man to survive. Our country is already. Pakistan is already in a very critical situation, this increase in dollar will bring more challenges to the current government.

According to Asad Umar, Pakistan economy is in great need of 12 billion dollars, this increase in dollar will be big challenge for the current government.

People on social media has started cursing this current government and have demand of resignation from Asad Umar, who use to accuse the old government and doing same.

Everyone is criticizing PTI on their performance of 100 days.

Beside the negativity, there are some true followers of PTI and still have shown trust in Imran Khan and Asad Umar.


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