D&G Roasted on Social Media for Racial Connotations in their Ad Campaign

Leading Italian fashion brand D&G were forced to abandon their plans of a fashion show in Chinese city Shanghai on Wednesday. This was unexpected and also disappointed thousands of Chinese fans who were waiting eagerly for this mega event. The main reason behind this cancellation of fashion show is a backlash from the angry fans that were offended by some social media posts made through the official account of the company.

In a bid to control the damage done by racially offensive posts, D&G was quick to point out that the posts were not made by the company. It said that the accounts of D&G and that of Stefano Gabbana, the designer of this fashion show, were actually hacked and miscreants wrote those racially sensitive posts. However, this has had little effect on the angry fans who are demanding an apology from the company of hurting their sentiments.

The biggest setback for D&G has come from the celebrities who were supposed to attend this mega fashion show. These celebrities have made it clear they will not attend the show. Most important among these celebrities are singer Wang Junkai and actress Li Bingbing, both of whom have said that they cannot compromise with their love for their country. Both Wang and Li have large number of fans and followers on social media.

The whole controversy began when Stefano Gabbana posted pictures of Chinese women eating spaghetti and pizza with chopsticks. It later snowballed with screenshots of designer’s chat in which he used poop emojis to describe China and its people.


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