Death Rumors Denied by Nigerian President

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari

It was rumored earlier this year that Nigerian President has died when he left for his medical treatment to London, however, the president never died and to clarify things he came up to public and made claims of being alive.

Elections in Nigeria are much closer and everyone all over the state is busy to take the lead in elections, this attempt made by the president seemed to be a bit awkward although. It is observed that the widespread news of the president’s death was actually a mistake on the part of the presidency since they gave little or no news about the health of the president to public.

It was a shock for many people when they heard about this rumor as they felt sad and in grief. Although the President, Muhammadu Buhari returned from London after his medical assistance, his return and health conditions weren’t disclosed which made the rumor spread faster.

However, as for now since the claims have been denied a lot of pressure has been observed on the president since the opposition team wants to see the President on board in a healthy manner and the competition seems to be strong since the president is alive but still unwell.


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