Data Breach – After Banks It’s the Hotels Data at Stake!

Recently about a month ago the data of banks was stolen, initially the activity was noticed by Bank Islamic and later on the news of data breach from numerous banks was also being reported to be confirmed. The banks in response to this act blocked all the international transactions identifying the loop hole of such a big data hack and now after the banks seem to be at peace, it’s the hotels data at stake.

About 3 days back Marriot reported that data of about 500 million guests has been hacked from their systems and this includes their personal details like credit card, phone number, e-mails and passport details. This event has happened previously as well and now the number of beach is a bit higher and this is a matter of concern for the hotels as well as the cyber crime authorities.

This breach on the part of hackers which was expected to be limited to the banks only is now widespread to all the sectors and like precautionary measures were suggested to banks many people have provided different ways in which the hotels may also keep their data safe.


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